4nec2\exe” folder, in your Word or Wordpad text editor. Other recommended sources for NEC related informations are the Nec-2 and Nec-4 user-manuals and . 4NEC2 is a freeware antenna simulation software program. The program can be used to model an antenna, and then determine through. Antenna Modeling With 4NEC2. Presented to HOTARC. By Craig Weixelbaum. May 22, Basic Modeling Approach using 4Nec2. The goals of this

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Restrictions related to the minimum and maximum radius of the wiresas a function of the length of the segments, may be imposed in some programs. In the simulations in free space, logically there is no ground. Hats off to Arie Voors! We will name Ns the number of segments making up a wire.

The Y axis has an azimuth of zero degrees. The average gain test is an useful tool to check the validity of a model and it is available in practically all the programs implementing NEC The optimizer is just plain awesome and has saved me so much time and generates significant manula on all my designs. The program ran and returned the optimal lengths for minimum SWR. Now that would be an antenna!

This is the most precise technique from the point of view of the simulation of the impedance of the antennas, provided that the length of the three segments of the mwnual wire is similar to the length of the segments of the two main wires.

On the other hand, some guidelines to simulate multiband and wideband antennas are provided. IX The ability to read. 4neec2 azimuth angles are measured clockwise from the Y axis towards the X axis.

4NEC2 freeware antenna modeller and optimizer Product Reviews

Technical Articles Radio Propagation: Emergency Communications glossary ESP. So, if you define a LC network in the model, the code will compute loss. The Other Edge of 4nec Sword”. My spring antenna building plans are pretty well set, thanks to Arie and LB sk. Before defining the structure of a model in NEC-2, it is necessary to consider in which way the current flows are managed in each simulation program.


EZNEC free- Poster Child of **Crippleware***

This section shows other advices and rules of design not related to the previous sections: Its 3D feature really make you see how an antenna works. The Sommerfeld-Norton S-N is the most precise ground model, with the highest computational cost and is the best method to simulate horizontal wires very close to the ground.

I used symbolic format. Most of its precious features have maual been said by the preceeding reviewers, what I can truly say is that 4nec2 had turned out particularly useful to me when I needed to evaluate the near-field value in my shack as produced by a quite close end-fed inverted-L antenna running right over my head.

Geometry and operative 4mec2 of the simple modes of ionospheric propagation. Normally, the results will be similar to those one may find in the textbooks. The understanding of the coordinate system employed in a simulation program is fundamental both for the design of the models and to correctly evaluate the results of the simulations.

Two parallel or near parallel wires very close of each other must have their segments aligned [Ref. That is, the antenna must radiate all the power provided by the generator [Ref. In order to check the validity of a model, it is recommended to perform both the convergency test and the average gain test. Stick to the stock editor to begin.

Today, I designed and optimized a 3-element Moxon-like wire beam to hang vertically from the trees. Arie Voors introduced this power into the 4NEC2 wrapper. This problem can be minimized making the diameter of the wires to change in a series of steps through several additional intermediate wires [Ref.

The trick is when you start using it, manul realize that there are a number of editors. Using it is like a drug, you can’t quit.


Saves me wasting time physically testing poor configurations. The X axis will be used for the front-to-back direction.

Manial is interesting to perform both validations before continuing with the convergency and average gain tests. This section shows some advices and rules of design about the characteristics of the generators, loads and transmission lines to be used in the simulations. Therefore, the number of segments employed must be changed with the frequency, or must be calculated in order to mankal above the recommended minimum corresponding to the highest working frequency lower wavelength [Ref.

This enables one to add real transmission line loss for matching SWR of a real system to simulation. If a generator is to be placed in the apex formed by two wires joining with an angle different from degrees, such as in the case of inverted-vee antennas, several techniques can be used [Ref. 4ec2 getting the ratio between threory and real, I could compensate for things like roof attenuation, velocity propogartion of insulated wire, complex surronding objects, manuual.

Optionally, the user can couple with GNU plot by installing that and the plotting routine is amazing. For example, the resulting calculations of antenna impedance will very often be erroneus and the simulated radiation patterns unreal.

In the case of wideband or multiband antennasmake the convergency test only with configurations of number of segments per wire laying within the limits computed in the previous sections. In summary, its free, its professional, works great and once you penetrate its outer crust of seeming complexity, its simple to operate. Length of the segments. For example, for my OCF, I scan from 3. The loads and transmission lines used in NEC-2 are mathematical models instead of physical janual.