Amethyst D Amethyst D Sign up to get notified when this product is back in stock. Availability: Out of stock. Regular Price: $ Special Price $ Welcome to my Amethyst D20 RPG page. Here are some things you need to know: Heads up to the people at Pre-Hammer Races: The Moreau. The Moreau are animal-human hybrids, created by grafting specific sequences of animal DNA to human.

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Amethyst D20

Append content without editing the whole page source. Their size and body shapes vary widely, and they grow pelts rather than normal human hair.

Rabbit Moreau are a blend of human and rabbit.

Even Overt Rabbit Moreau are seen as attractive. Many have pronounced webbing between elongated fingers and a few have vestigial flaps of skin reaching from ankles to wrists. Canine Moreau Canine Moreau are a blend of human and dog.

Overt Moreau are clearly non-human and many are mistaken for magic Spawn creatures instead of Pre-Hammer genetic creations. This sadly targets them for slave auctions as sex toys. Moderate Moreau suffer a penalty on Disguise checks to pass as human or elven. As Medium creatures, Moreau Bears have no special bonuses or penalties due to their size. Find out what you can amethysy.

They generally have abundant body hair but lack true pelts.


The Moreau – Amethyst D20 RPG

Overt Dolphins have tiny external d0 and unlike other Moreau Overt Dolphins tend to be hairless. Edit History Tags Source. None Rabbit Moreau Rabbit Moreau are a blend of human and rabbit. Treat a Silence Spell as Blindness. I haven’t decided which, or whether I’ll get the PDF instead, just yet.

If you’re at all tempted by original, cohesive d20 campaign settings, you’ll get more than your money’s worth from Amethyst. Posted By Abstruse Thursday, 27th December, Create account or Sign in.

I am glad we have peaked your interest. Originally Posted by Turanil.

TDSO Amethyst 16mm Precious Gem D20 Dice

Amtehyst Covert Moreau are Medium size. None Dolphin Moreau Dolphin Moreau are a blend of human and dolphin, typically bottlenose. During Pre-Hammer conflicts Bear Moreau were used as front line melee shock troopers. Overt Moreau have opposable thumbs and can use most Techa and Echa equipment without modification. I picked this up today.

Rumors persist that Dolphin Moreau have a hidden city in the ocean someplace where they are allied with the aquatic fey, but to date this rumor has never been confirmed. Overt Dolphin Moreau have distinctive skin patterns, with a dark blue or black back, a white front and golden stripes down their arms, ribs and legs.

If taken the Overt Moreau gains natural Fly speed of 60feet with Average Maneuverability with the following attribute changes: Overt Amwthyst Moreau generally have the physical traits of its canine components and as such a wide variety of looks. It seems you have no tags attached to pages.


One place noticeable absent of this prejudice is within the Bastion of Angel, the city of Genai which boasts a high number of free and independent Moreau.

Overt Dolphin Moreau have blind sight with a range ametuyst 30 feet on land and 60 feet in water. Covert, Moderate and Overt. Overt Bear Moreau have small triangular ears set high on their skulls and sharp non-retractable claws that can serve as close range weapons. Canine Moreau are pack creatures by nature. All Dolphin Moreau can see twice as far as a human in starlight, moonlight, torchlight, and similar conditions of poor illumination. Government laboratories sterilize their Moreau, but there are reports that some sterilization procedures were botches and Moreau are now reproducing on their own.

All of my POD purchases from Lulu have been stellar. Overt Moreau can pass for human or elven if they wear bulky clothing, hats and under very dark conditions and as such suffer a penalty on Disguise checks to pass as human or elven. As such in Post-Hammer times many Dolphin Moreau can be found near large bodies of open water and major water ways.