son escasos y no existen instrumentos específicos en español para su evaluación. En este artículo se . genéricos SF y el WHOQOL-BREF. Estos tipos de. The WHOQOL has been developed from an extensive pilot test of some These questions represent the finalized version of the WHOQOL to be. This manual was drafted by Alison Harper on behalf of the WHOQOL group. The. WHOQOL group comprises a coordinating group, collaborating investigators in.

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Tieqiao L, Li L. In order to test the effect of nationality on item responses, a proportional odds logistic regression model was conducted for each item of WHOQOL-BREF, reaching proportions of correct classification between 0.

Responsiveness An instrument needs to be responsive to measure the QOL of people undergoing important life changes, such as patients with sepaol diseases. However, some have been translated into other languages and used without any attention being whoqol-bbref to making the cultural adaptations that are necessary to ensure that their results are valid locally. Quality of life among opiate-dependent individuals: The study will also ask the question of whe- ther it is possible to have a single cross-cultural Older Adults cuestionaril or whether each culture requires its own culture-specific module.

Martin Eisemann Dept of Psychology martine psyk. Two facets Sensory Problems, and Communication that were originally included in the pilot WHOQOL, but dropped because of psychometric problems in a primarily younger adult population, are good examples of facets that may need to be added to an older adults module.

Results of the effects associated with nationality in each model were presented in terms of odds ratios in order to provide an interpretable magnitude of the effects.

Validación del cuestionario de calidad de vida (WHOQOL-BREF) en adultos mayores chilenos

Social Science and Medicine ; Health-related quality of life in chronic disorders: The rest of the items showed different results. All procedures performed in this study were in accordance with the ethical standards of the Helsinki declaration and its later amendments or comparable ethical standards. The quality of life facets most affected among caregivers were energy and fatigue, sleep, positive feelings, negative feelings, and sexual activity.


It started inas scientific co-operation of several centres. Quality of life; Questionnaires; Chronic disease; Caregivers; Reproducibility of results; Sensitivity and specificity; China source: In view of the relatively few studies on the factor structure of the tool, Benitez-Borrego et al.

The mean amount of time spent each day caring for a patient was espao, in the renal disease group and the stroke group and was lowest in the hypertension group.

WHOQOL-OLD MANUAL | Asyifa Robiatul Adawiyah –

Servicio Andaluz de Salud Not at all A little A moderate Very much An extreme 1 2 amount 4 amount 3 5 4. The current version consists of six domains: In contrast, the scores of those who cared for patients with schizophrenia were the lowest for the psychological domain, social relationships domain, environment domain and on the overall QOL facet.

How much do you worry about what the future might hold? Its range lies between the lowest possible number of items n x 1 and highest possible number of items n x 5 value of the respective facet. Domains represent a high-level of organisation such as the Psychological, the Physical, and the Social. Perceptions of persons with Parkinson’s disease, family and professionals on quality of life: Reliability was assessed by calculating Cronbach’s a coefficient of internal consistency for patients and caregivers at baseline.

Further information can be obtained from: Finally, Chilean participants scored lower than Spaniards in items asking them about their overall quality of life and satisfaction with health, in addition to the degree to which they enjoy their lives, they have enough energy for everyday life, and the satisfaction with their living place and modes of transportation.


From alpha to omega: Validity The validity of instruments measuring QOL is difficult to assess because of the relative abstractness of the concept of quality of life. Continuing navigation will be considered as acceptance of this use. Psychometrika, 79pp. International Journal of Ge- riatric Psychiatry, 6: Health and Quality of Life Outcomes, 12, 1.

The WHO quality of life (WHOQOL) questionnaire: Spanish development and validation studies.

One year after enrolment, each patient was classified as either cuestionsrio deteriorated or not changed; or having improved or made a recovery.

Quality of Life Research ;7: Accordingly, in fields like quality of life, different interpretations might occur as well as different comprehension of subtle aspects which might involve different realities. Formulation the Rasch differential item functioning model under the marginal maximum likelihood estimation context and its comparison with Mantel—Haenszel procedure in shot test and small sample conditions.

The following question refer to any intimate relationships that you may have.

Similares no Google Citados no Google Scholar. David Phillips phillips LN. Eighty family members cared for someone with hypertension; 88 cared for someone with schizophrenia; 80 cared for someone with stroke; 65 cared for someone with end-stage renal disease; 45 cared for a patient with head and neck cancer; and 60 cared for a patient with breast cancer.

Journal of Substance Abuse Whoqol-breg, 28, These grouping variables have influence in the score obtained in the underlying construct, such as quality of life.