Gaudiya Giti-guccha application presents the entire collection of the latest and classic Gaudiya bhajans and prayers compiled by Srila Bhakti. Download the Gaudiya Giti-guccha at Aptoide now! ✓ Virus and Malware free ✓ No extra costs. Gaudiya Giti-guccha – Gaudiya Giti-guccha application presents the entire collection of the latest and classic Gaudiya bhajans and prayers.

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When will that SrTmatl Radhika bathe me in Her service?

Gaudiya Giti-guccha

As the transcendental Kamadeva, He chastises the evil- minded and destroys deceit. Then, with Her sweet, soft words and crooked glances, She elicits an intimate exchange with Him.

O You who assume the form of a tortoise! You send your messengers who cleverly make all arrangements so that Srl Radha-Krsna can unite for Their keli-vilasa. Alas, Gccha beg you all, O residents of Vraja, please be merciful to me now.

With the mercy of Gaurasundara one can obtain the vision of Radha-Syama at the end of life. Krsna is our mother, our father and the treasure of our life.

Awaken in my heart that most auspicious rati. Your loving disposition is more affectionate than even a father to the followers of Gaurariga Mahaprabhu. He taught proper conduct for grhastas and is the ndyaka Hero of all sannyasTs.

Or let Him break My heart by not being present before Me. Just click the green Download button above to start. When it enters My heart through My ears, I become overwhelmed with impatience. After wandering through many species of life, I have come to Your shelter. Please let my love and attachment for Them ever increase. This book is not yet featured on Listopia.


With thousands of tongues Mahaprabhu sings the glories of this nama. May this brilliantly shining, auspicious song guuccha by the poet Jayadeva always bring pleasure to You and also to Your devotees who sing and hear it. O You who assume the form of a fish! O Lord of the Yadus! He desires that prema-bliakti like the anuraga of Srlmatl Radhika.

They bestow the perfection of my desires precious service to Srlmatl Radhika – sva-bhakti-sriyam and they are the conclusion of all the Vedas. Together They looked very beautiful. I have taken shelter of you.

Gaudiya Giti-guccha

Thus, I am oppressed by so many miseries. Resplendent with the radiance of molten gold, He has appeared in the age of Kali by His causeless mercy to bestow what has not been given in a very long time – mahjari-bhava, the service of SrTmatT Radhika as Her confidential maidservant. He git giving me the holy name containing the highest form of thought, aspiration, and ideal, and he is giving me the service of that great savior, the son of Mother SacT, SfT Caitanya Gjccha, who is like a golden mountain indicating the way to krsna- lila.

May Your supremacy always be manifest.

They are all supremely worshipable and highly pious. Seeing that Your own servant is averse to You, do You abandon him without bestowing even a drop of mercy? He never considered any offense. Rules for pronouncing Sanskrit, which is the mother of all civi- lized languages, are given first. Click stars to rate this APP!

This is my sole longing – I gucvha no desire whatsoever for any other type of liberation. This songbook contains devotional songs in several languages, including Sanskrit, Bengali, Hindi, Braj-bhasa, Maithill, and Braj-bhull.


Then all the sakhas, standing in lines, wash their mouths. All glories to You, because like a comet signifying the eminent destruction of the wicked, You appear wielding a huge, terrifying sword with which to annihilate the barbarians who remain at the end of Kali-yuga. Their lotus foot-dust is my pahca-grasa, my life and soul.

Even after receiving this rare human birth, I have wasted this life, not having performed bhajana of Radha-Krsna. Always hope and pray for the lotus feet of Nitai. Without this, there can be no spiritual advancement.

Sri Gaudiya Giti-guccha: An Anthology of Gaudiya Vaisnava Songs – Abridged Edition

You descend as the avatara of the beautiful name and beautiful form. After chewing that Krsnacandra happily goes to sleep. Please bestow upon me guxcha most cherished desire – residence near your side.

I maintain them only out of duty to You. OYou who assume these ten forms!

Gaudiya Giti-guccha Download APK for Android – Aptoide

All glories to You, because at the time of measuring the earth You deceived Bali Maharaja with Your massive steps and by the Ganges water which emanates from the toe nails of Your lotus feet, You purify all the residents of this world. At that time in his dreams he receives darsana of Radha-Govinda.

Coming for our deliverance, You are the sole friend to rescue us from the ocean of birth and death. With His yellow silk dlioti and crown decorated with peacock feathers, He captivates the gucha of all.