3, p. –, doi/ [BibTeX] [Abstract] [ Download PDF] .. J. Bartoszewicz, M. Kicinski, and A. Nygard, “Specyfika gospodarki paliwami w newralgicznych okresach zmiescic w magazynie wieksze ilosci zapasow?,” prawnych na pracochlonnosc realizacji przewozow krajowych (cz. 3 THE USE OF FUZZY LOGIC AND GENETIC ALGORITHMS TO SOLVE THE. PROBLEM OF .. Gospodarka zapasami i Magazynem cz II. Wydawnictwo. Diffin . Wybór lokalizacji za pomocą metod wielokryterialnych w magazynie . Optymalna gospodarka zapasami – porównanie podejścia analitycznego i czy metodę symulacyjną, przedstawioną przez Dorotę i Marka Miszczyńskich w Wśród tych drugich występują trzy rodzaje ograniczeń poziomu obsługi – Typ 1, 2 oraz 3.

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They also showed some practical solutions from other countries. Comparison of this method with the existing decision-making by the dispatcher resulted in improved processes, perceived as an increase in profit for the service. This article describes the results of a survey conducted among the students of Poznan University of Technology. Transport plans in Poland and other countries – the content and implementation In this paper, the authors discussed the issue of preparing transport plans for local governments.

The study was conducted in real traffic conditions motorway driving on a selected portion of the A2 motorway, located in the regions of Poznan.


The article presents the variety of aspects involved in assessing, the efficiency of a vehicle- recycling network the best solution seems to be the inclusion of selected indicators for the assessment model, which will also act as a tool to assess the state of the network and conduct rankings of available solutions. The article presents the history of changes in the functioning of public transport in the Poznan agglomeration in the last twenty-five years.

The considerations commence with an attempt to define the concept of process in which the dynamic nature of l processes occurring in transport and logistics will be shown.

Sustainability in the supply chain: Bazujac na obowiazujacych w Polsce przepisach autorzy zaprezentowali istote wyznaczania stref bezpieczenstwa dla przykladowego obiektu obwalowanego, zlokalizowanego w sasiedztwie cywilnych zabudowan.

Zaprezentowano i omowiono przykladowe zastosowanie opracowanych rozwiazan oraz przykladowe rezultaty eksperymentow obliczeniowych. It is gospodaarka that the location of depots in the transport system is not only related to the current configuration of the transportation lines, but it also interacts each other in order to minimize the total cost of fleet operating. Uzyskane rozwiazanie zostalo porownane z podjeta decyzja lokalizacyjna, w ktorej nie poszukiwano decyzji optymalnej.


Zaproponowana zostala zaimplementowana w uniwersalnym narzedziu, pozwalajacym na wspomniana optymalizacje. However, combination of them gives a replacement plan for an entire fleet violating budget constraints. Magazyynem paper prese nts the results of a statistical analysis of zaoasami driving cycles recorded in the Poznan agglomeration.

However, the way of limiting the loading, unloading and transportation costs presented in this paper cannot be regarded as a general rule applicable to all companies. On weekends, the demand peaks shift towards the night. The evaluation is carried out on a scenario of the Polish city of Mielec.

The increasing number of vehicles on the streets globally emits more toxic compounds into the atmosphere. The paper presents the original procedure of solving a multiple criteria stochastic ranking problem consisting in the evaluation of different variants of the distribution system. Due to a lot of current research work presented technologies and solutions used in internal combustion engines, which are dz an impact on reducing emissions.

Based on the obtained results, the efficacy of the method in terms of prediction of profit resulting from the selection of the appropriate mode of transport. The paper provides information on the current trends in the design of propulsion systems currently implemented in mass transport vehicles — road commercial vehicles and rail vehicles with diesel traction. In this phase critical criteria as well as selection criteria are defined. Then, the model was used for the network optimization in Poland.

Przedstawiono rowniez plany rozwoju w komunikacji publicznej, z ktorych czesc planowana jest do zrealizowania do roku The assessment of the causes and consequences of the financial crisis to the transportation market in Poland. Moreover, off-highway trucks should be selected with respect to all specific exploitation conditions and even the user’s preferences and experience.

This paper presents a multiple criteria decision making approach for solving the excise goods daily delivery scheduling problem. Optymisation of equipment setup processes in enterprises K Grzybowska, B Gajdzik Metalurgija-Zagreb 51 4, Supply chain logistics organizational change. Based on the analysis, several conclusions were drawn.

Biorac pod uwage budowe pojazdow, jednostka napedowa oraz poszczegolne wspolpracujace ze soba podzespoly maja najwiekszy wplyw na emisje zanieczyszczen. The quality of this process affects the combined impact of automobiles on the environment.


A mathematical formulation of the optimization tasks has been presented including the objective functions and limitations that the solutions have to comply with. This step-wise procedure is verified on a real-world supply chain network, which is analyzed, evaluated and redesigned.

Essential steps in the zapsami of modeling and simulation of traffic using multi-agent system MATSim are described indicating areas and problems arising from the extent and detail of the model. The identified approaches are presented in the form of graphs.


congratulate, the Gospodarka zapasami i magazynem ebook login can

Constructing different variants of distribution processes the following changes have been taken into account: However, computing the assignments for thousands of taxis in a huge road network turned out to be computationally demanding. The results show, that there is a need for further research on the field of determination suppliers order in the scheduling process. Therefore, there was prepared a non-linear, deterministic and multi-criteria mathematical model with five criterions: To provide safety of controlled aircrafts one must know airport capacity.

Especially when a fleet composed of brand new vehicles is considered.

gospodarka zapasami i magazynem cz 3 pdf

Podrecznik do przedmiotu gospodarka zapasami i magazynem jest gospodarka zapasami i magazynem zgodnie z obowiazujaca podstawa programowa dla zawodu technik logistyk zapasamii technikach i szkolach policealnych Czesc 1 podrecznika Gospodarka zapasami i magazynwm dotyczy zagadnien zarzadzania zapasami w przedsiebiorstwie oraz analizy ich wielkosci Zaprezentowane w podreczniku tematy sa przedstawione w formie wykladow wprowadzajacych szczegolowo omowionych przykladow gospodarka zapasami i magazynem do testowania metod i technik zarzadzania zapasami oraz w xz cwiczen i zadan indywidualnych.

Impact zones were presented for this object in view of the altered topography. A growing ecological awareness in modern societies, czz regulations aiming at a reduction of waste storage and economic benefi ts that we can have from recycling of used products led to a situation that the creation of recycling networks has become an important issue, particularly in developed countries.

Nastepnie z szeregu informacji zaproponowano zbior uczacy, ktory w dalszej kolejnosci posluzyl w procesie uczenia 4 wybranych typow sztucznych sieci neuronowych: The minimal dispersion of unloadings in the consignee’s warehouse as well as minimal dispersions of loadings in suppliers’ warehouses are the criteria used for selecting the most satisfactory delivery schedule.

The magazyhem articles are merged in Scholar. The purpose of dissertation is to identify means of transport, which students use most often and the factors which determine the choice of means of transport, as well as the relationship between the declared factors affecting the choice and real choice of means of transport to get to the university.