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As described earlier, the f-m detector is a phase detector which detects the phase shift of an external network appearing between Pin 14 and Pin datasueet See also, General Design Note No. A power-on-clear is internally incorporated. The incorporation of the Zen- er diode also datssheet in excellent noise immunity for this array.

These SCR arrays operate from an unfiltered half-wave 50 or 60 Hz or full- wave or Hz rectified source. DI interface, with its potential for L1391n transistors, has a great promise if the barriers can be overcome. In the A-M mode of operation, the detector is configured as a balanced peak detector for low audio distortion. The typical input current can be described as: Their high reliability and small size make them an ex- cellent choice for applications where space is at a premium.

F for 50 ytxs de-emphasis Europe or 0.

LMN описание схема включения,DATASHEET LMN,LMN DATA SHEET PDF-LM Phase-Locked Loop

Primary applications are d-c and stepping motor drive. Outputs are available for directly driving a peak reading meter and a zero-tune meter.

Sprague Electric is a leading manufacturer of vol- ume integrated circuits serving the consumer, indus- trial controls, and peripherals markets. All units feature open collector outputs and integral diodes for inductive load transient suppression. The unit is packaged in an lead plastic DIP depletion load is excessively high, external pull-up utilizing Sprague copper alloy lead frame technology resistors may be employed.


The following IC Technology-Display Interface matrix lists the key characteristics and primary display applications of various semiconductor technologies.

Minimum strobe pulse width ns D. A d-c path of less than a must be provided between pins 2 and Additional digits or segments beyond the dafasheet provided in an 1 8-lead DIP may be driven by combinations of packages beyond the minimum two necessary.

Lot sampling as- sures meeting customer A. The high-current diodes that are internal to the Sprague arrays are utilized in the unipolar drive scheme connected to a suitable OFF reference. Primarily designed for use with vacuum fluorescent displays, it can also be used with LED and incandescent displays within its out- put limitations of 60 V and 40 mA per driver.

The SCR will remain ON, even though the input voltage is removed or made slightly negative, until the anode-to-cathode voltage is reduced to below datasheer anode OFF voltage. In the A-M mode of operation, the device is a complete single-conversion superheterodyne broadcast or shortwave receiver dataaheet AGG and peak envelope detection. Units ] Output Leakage Current 0. It indicates the F-M gain and pin 16 output voltage as functions of the pin 16 load resistance, as shown in the graph on the next page.

When used with standard TTL or low speed TTL logic the use of appropriate pull-up resistors may be required to in- sure a proper input logic high.

The device is used with a thermal printer. The relay driver types of Lj1391n IC drivers and other similar transient-protected ICs are somewhat more useful than the so-called general purpose types, since the diode common terminal may be switched for a system lamp test.


Functionally, the eight-bit device is the equivalent of an octal latch and an octal NPN Dar- lington array. The higher impedance load will also fur- nish a significant reduction in harmonic distortion and improvement in overall repeatability in power output capacity.

The input stage of the power amplifier Figure 4 is comprised of a PNP differential pair Q44 and Q45 preceded by a Datawheet emitter follower Q43 darasheet allows d-c referencing of the source signal to ground.

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Conclusion Three new, high performance Sprague interface in- tegrated circuits have recently been developed. Integral transient suppression diodes allow these devices to be used with inductive loads without the need for discrete diodes. Although primarily intended lor MI I. The xatasheet ton array. They are also inter- changeable from a pinning aspect although the out- put ON voltage will be dissimilar.

Improved systems reliability and perfor- mance, lower component counts, space savings and cost economy are some of the benefits to be derived from the use of Sprague Interface ICs. The amplitude modulation rejection is determined by: This 38 kHz subcarrier is used to demodulate F-M stereo broadcast information. For example, a multiplexed display of mA peak current will give approximately the same light inten- sity. In A-M operation, stability is seldom a pro- blem. This communications I-F system meets the stability requirements of many automotive ap- plications, and also meets the low-power demands of portable radio design.

V V,5 15 No Signal 4.